My Favorite A’s Card…My Oldest A’s Card

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I was recently given this 1959 Topps John “Zeke” Bella card by a friend. Zeke who? I had no clue who he was either. I found out that he played roughly two years in the majors from 1957 to 1959. He was originally a Yankee (signed in 1951), but the Korean War took him away from baseball for four years. Upon his return he signed with the Yankees again and was called up in 1957. In his two years with the team he didn’t see much playing time (11 plate appearances) with Mickey Mantle, Elston Howard, and Hank Bauer starting in front of him. Bella didn’t play in 1958, but in1959 he was traded to the Kansas City Athletics where he had 92 plate appearances. According this baseball card Bella was a speedster on the bases. It’s too bad he didn’t get more opportunities to play. He wound up with one home run and nine rbi’s in his short lived career. In his obituary it was said that his greatest joy was playing for the Yankees. While I’m not a Yankee fan it was nice hearing how happy he was while playing this game, and I’m proud he was able to wear an Athletics uniform.





4 thoughts on “My Favorite A’s Card…My Oldest A’s Card

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